Game Watch - E3 2015: Nintendo & Square Enix Conference Summary & Reactions


Nintendo's E3 conference was a little surreal. There were puppets and....well that was the most surreal bit actually. The slightly creepy versions of Nintendo's "leading men": Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto were all turned to puppet form. Not that this has anything to do with the news.

Anyway, the first game shown was a new (actually new this time) Star Fox game; Starfox Zero. It has some features from the unreleased Star Fox 2, and that in itself is very cool. Then we saw a little of Mario Maker, before some pretty large news. Bowser and Donkey Kong's new amiibos will be available to be used in the new Skylanders game: Skylanders Superchargers.

Then Zelda: Triforce Heroes was announced. Its a co-op Zelda game where you dress up Link to change the gameplay. It'll be coming to the 3DS (eventually). Hyrule Warriors is also coming to 3DS under the slightly different title of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Metroid Prime: Federation Field is also coming. While not quite the game fans have been hoping for, it does have the word Metroid in, so....? However it did really show off how far behind Nintendo is as oppose to Microsoft and Sony. The game looks blocky and genuinely like something from 10 years ago, if not even more than that. I was surprised that this was new, and that's awful. Nintendo badly needs to step its game up, and this is showing more and more as we wait for the NX announcement.

Then we saw Fire Emblem Fates, Xenoblade Chronicles X (which is making its way to the West later this year) and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, which will be cool for those who like that sort of thing.

Yokai Watch, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and a new Mario Tennis were all then also teased. They're coming out later this year, 2016 and at some point (respectively).

And that was pretty much it. Nothing huge, and I felt somewhat underwhelmed. The puppets were kinda creepy, the announcements and games seem to be part of an E3 in years gone by and, for me at least, it showed once again that Nintendo, and the whole industry, badly needs some innovation - something new - in order to continue to be seen as part of the "big three".

Square Enix

Sadly, Square didn't manage any better, if anything they did worse. However, some slack must be cut - they haven't had a conference for a while so getting back into it MUST be hard, especially with how much the conferences have changed.

Anyway, Square kicked off with Just Cause 3. There were lots of explosions. Some more explosions. Then some explosions. Guess what came next? Yup! More explosions! Wow, this game looks explosive! It'll be exploding (I'll stop now) onto your platform of choice on December the 1st.

Then, a real surprise. A new Nier for PlayStation 4 was announced. We didn't see a lot of stuff, but we should later on in the year!

Then we saw some more Rise Of The Tomb Raider. This made me long for it on PS4 this year once again  (I won't stop till it comes out to the PlayStation Nation!!!). I loved the last Tomb Raider, and it looks like more of the same, with some added focus on tombs - which should be really awesome!

Lara Croft didn't disappear off the stage here, as a mobile game for her was announced. Lara Croft: Go will be coming to mobile devices at some point. Obviously this is a reaction to the popular Hitman: Go game recently, and isn't an entirely unprecedented venture for Lara. After all, a mobile Tomb Raider has done really well recently!

Then we saw the remake of Final Fantasy 7 again. It was the same trailer, but still cool, and there is obviously a huge amount of hype for this game.

This went on to a Kingdom Hearts mobile game, an awkward Kingdom Hearts VT with a guy from Disney, before the main event. A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 finally dropped. I still don't think the game is anywhere close, but it does look really fun to play and when it does come out, I'm sure it'll do incredibly well.

We saw some more World Of Final Fantasy, (new) Hitman, Star Ocean and then - finally - some Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It still looks incredible. I really can't wait for this one.

A new Final Fantasy portal-thingy was shown and then Square announced the formation of a new RPG studio called Tokyo RPG Factory which is making a cool new JRPG game. It's called Project Setsuna (for now). Hopefully the final title will be more original than the name of the studio!

Maybe it wasn't as bad as I was saying at the beginning. Some announcements we cool, and I think it was definitely better than Nintendo in terms of that, yet presentation was a little slow and lacking in quirk (Nintendo brought that through the odd puppet things).


That concludes our four-part conference posts about E3 2015. Click the graphic next to this text to read them! The final remaining one is begging the simple question: Who Won E3 2015? That will be up tomorrow (Friday). Thanks for reading.


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