Game Watch - E3 2015: Sony Conference Summary & Reactions

Sony kicked off their press conference the right way. In fact, possibly the only way possible in order to seem to come out on top of Microsoft. Ladies and Gentlemen - The Last Guardian.

What a beautiful trailer. What a beautiful game. I, along with most of the gaming community I'm sure, can't wait for it to come out and be available to play. It's going to be good, and - I'm sure - worth the wait for its 2016 release.

That kicked off a series of HUGE announcements that came throughout the conference. Next was the announcement of Guerrilla's new game: Horizon: Zero Dawn, which looks incredibly cool and (as is a theme in this press conference, and something I'll be getting into later) will be coming out in 2016.

The next Hitman game (the series will be making its return soon) was up next, and has exclusive content for the PS4. Street Fighter 5, exclusive on console to PS4, also got a new trailer and then we saw some No Man's Sky. Proper No Man's Sky. As in gameplay. FINALLY. And it was awesome! We were told how endless the game was, and that even years after launch out there, somewhere in the NMS universe there will be some planet that nobody has ever touched. How awesome is that?

Media Molecule then announced their next game. Dreams is possibly not what you expected, but looks...interesting.... It aims to help you create and share dreams through a big dream-network thing. Sound strange? Yup.

We then saw some Firewatch, some stuff about Destiny's new content, then we moved to Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The demo centred on Evie and Ubisoft also announced some exclusive-to-PlayStation missions.

World Of Final Fantasy is a cute Final Fantasy game for people who want to jump into the series. What that means will (hopefully) be revealed in the Square conference tomorrow. And then. THE MASSIVE NEWS. The totally unexpected news. The news that everyone watching the PS Experience thought they were getting then. The news that Final Fantasy 7 was being remade.

Then Shenmue 3 was announced to be coming to Kickstarter. Since then the $2 million has already been funded. I love the world sometimes.

Arkham Knight, Black OPS 3 (apparently COD is now a PS franchise...weird, eh?), Disney Infinity and Battlefront were up next. All of them got some time on stage, with various things announced for each.

Then there was a little indie game called Uncharted 4. Not that anyone cares about that...

...Oh. Wait....There were some technical issues in the gameplay demo (another crash, ala the PS Experience) but everything looked awesome. It served to reassure everyone that Uncharted 4 will still be awesome and (as always with Naughty Dog) they know what they're doing.


As I said earlier, Sony needed to do a lot to pull a win after Microsoft's awesome conference. Certainly, the news was awesome and I think Sony's GAME announcements were much stronger than Microsoft.

That said, one number kept popping up. 2016. 2016. 2016. There was very little for 2015 and that remains something of a worry for me. What will fill the void of Fall 2015? Now that Uncharted's gone, it's left to No Man's Sky and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. The former still doesn't have a release date, and the latter is coming out in August. That leaves a large gap that I assumed would be filled after E3. It hasn't been.

So, what will that game be? The Uncharted Collection is coming in August. There is no AAA first party game for September/October/November. You don't want to touch November because of Fallout 4. You don't want to touch September because of Metal Gear (although less so than November). That leaves something in October or late September. And Sony desperately needs something.

Saying all that, I do have to commend Sony. Not only is it good at raising the people behind the network to become pillars in the community so that the fans get to know that. I always admire that, year after year after year.

And, man, the next year? 2016? Wow. That's going to be a good one for PlayStation.


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