Game Watch Special: Fallout 4 Summary & Reaction

I don't normally write news posts. In fact I never do. That's relegated to Game Watch Weekly every Saturday when I go through the biggest PlayStation stories of the week. However, every once in a while something massive is announced that shakes up the whole industry. This is one of those times.

Earlier today Fallout 4 was announced through a trailer which was live-streamed on Twitch and also released on YouTube. If you haven't watched the trailer yet, then do so just below here.

We'll get to how awesome the trailer is a little later, but for now - here is what we know about the game.

For one thing, it's pretty obviously set in Boston. As I am not from America and thus don't really know Boston at all - Tamoor Hussain over at Gamespot writes that "During the video we are briefly shown an area called "Scollay Square," which is located in real-world Boston. The USS Constitution, which is docked in the city, Bunker Hill Monument, and the Massachusetts State House are also seen in the video."

The game features returning narrator Ron Perlman, who, in the trailer, voices the iconic Fallout line that "war never changes". In addition to this, the character in the trailer is voiced. It remains unclear whether this is the players' character and whether this means that, for the first time in the series, he will be voiced.

It's also confirmed, by way of the official site for the game, that it will only be coming to current-gen, despite the fact that Xbox 360 logo's were found in the code for the reveal-website. This could, however, point to a Fallout collection (presumably of 3 and New Vegas) at some point. Or it could just be Bethesda messing with people trying to be too clever!

In a press release following the announcement, Director of the game (and that of The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3) Todd Howard says that Bethesda “know what this game means to everyone,” and that “time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever. We’ve never been more excited about a game, and we can’t wait to share it.”

Obviously there is more to share, and one would imagine that this will be reserved for Bethesda's first ever E3 Press Conference.

Now, to that trailer. While Fallout 4 obviously isn't going to be the most visually impressive game of current-gen, that isn't what it's about. As with any Bethesda RPG, instead of visuals (which one could argue are still pretty good) it's all got rather more to do with how the game plays and the story which it is there to tell.

The trailer begins with a zoom-out then pan from a screen showing the "Please Stand By" screen. As the camera moves to focus on a dog running into the building, flashbacks to the past and when the home was inhabited appear on the screen. The dog nonchalantly wanders through until he finds a baby's cot. At this point an air-raid siren tears through everything and the dog flees.

After several shots of what is to come in the game are shown on the screen, we see the dog run to his master and the Fallout 4 logo comes onto the screen.

It's a pretty awesome trailer and really teases well the announcements that will - hopefully - come from E3 later this month.

I also think it's smart of Bethesda to release this now. Not only does it dissuade hackers from trying to get the trailer from the company, but it also confirms what everybody basically knew already. Fallout 4 is real. And it's coming soon.


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