Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm - An Interview With The Creators

After revealing their Kickstarter to the world last week, I had to ask the creators of the Mask Of The Phantasm Fan Film - Zach and Josh - some questions. Huge thanks to them for answering! See the bottom of the post for a link so that you can support them!

How would you describe Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm in one Tweet (140 characters)?

Batman Mask of the Phantasm is a live action fan film by Spartan Digital, retelling the 90s animated film set in the Christopher Nolan universe.

Also this isn’t a fair question since Batman Mask of the Phantasm is 28 characters alone!

How have the Nolan films inspired your creation?

We wanted to blend the two universes together so the Phantasm does make references to being previously affiliated to the League of Shadows. The blue flower that the League used in Batman Begins makes its return as well. We saw this film taking place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

What are you most excited about being able to do after the $5000 has been funded (which 
I'm sure it will be)?

We have a rough assembly edit currently of the film which looks awesome already. The assembly edit doesn’t have any special effects in it so we are stoked to see what the film looks like once the blue flower effects are added. We also put a lot of emphasis into the sound and score so once all the pieces come together, we will defiantly have something special.

What has been the hardest aspect of making the movie so far?

When you are an indie film company making a fan film, dealing with a tight budget will typically be the hardest aspect. We end up having to write towards are budget so deciding what is necessary to keep in the script always can be a groaner. Also since we filmed in a parking garage and not a locked off set, sound was a pain since it would echo throughout the structure which makes post ADR work necessary.

Greg Miller is your Phantasm - how did that come about?

We’ve been a long-time fan of Greg’s since his early days at IGN. Knowing that he is a huge Batman fan and saw our previous fan film, Red Dead Vengeance, we reached out to him through the Kinda Funny website and received an almost immediate response saying he was down. It is still very surreal to receive e-mails from him and so hard not to geek out every time.



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