The IF Comic Book Anthology - An Interview With Peter Simeti

A few months ago, Peter Simeti and Alterna Comics launched a Kickstarter for their film "The CHAIR", which I then interviewed them about. Now, they've launched another in order to fund the release and distribution of the "IF Anthology". Peter very kindly agreed to answer some more of my questions, this time about the new Kickstarter project. See the bottom for a link so that you can go support it!

Last time I asked you to describe The CHAIR in 140 characters. How would you describe your new project, IF, in the same number?


"Featuring a new theme every year, the first annual #IFanthology has 36 creators and 15 amazing stories of sci-fi #awesome #becausecomics"


How did the name IF come around?

Honestly... because everything else was taken! Haha, you'd be surprised how many titles there are out there and even then, "IF" might remind people of the "What If..." Marvel series. But I felt that "IF" was a great short & sweet title that could be used to propose and explain any kind of scenario and since we plan on doing future anthologies with different themes, it works well. IF can be sci-fi, IF can be horror, IF can be fantasy, IF can be about superheroes - the possibilities are endless.

Was it a challenge gathering the 36 comic creators?

It's always a challenge when it comes to gathering stories for anthologies. But for this book, it was a hard situation of picking & choosing what worked the best and fit the criteria. We had about 60 stories submitted and the quality ran the gamut. The IF anthology features the best of the best so every story here is a great one in its own unique way. I guarantee people will love most, if not all, of the stories in this book.

Why did you settle on science fiction for the book's debut?

Believe it or not, we had a twitter vote a few years ago! If I'm correct, sci-fi was the top choice, then superhero (very close behind), then fantasy, then horror. I love sci-fi (as well as a ton of other genres) so I was really happy to see that it would be the first theme for the book.

When creating their part of the anthology, did you let each creator go off down their own path, or was there a structure in mind?

Each creator submitted a completed story that they already made (always a great idea to have short stories lying around just for this reason) and the only structure was that it had to all come back to sci-fi. Submissions will open in November for the next IF anthology and we'll be announcing the theme at that time as well.


Go support the IF Anthology on Kickstarter!


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