The Watch: Doctor Who At SDCC 2015

The biggest stories from Doctor Who at San-Diego Comic Con 2015. First published 12/07/2015.

The Full SDCC Panel

As usual, the Doctor Who cast - Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez - and show-runner Steve Moffat had their panel at SDCC in which they discussed Series 9, female Doctors and a whole lot more. Check it out below!

The Full Nerd HQ Panel

In addition to the official SDCC panel, the cast and Steven Moffat came to the Nerd HQ stage to continue their discussion and expand on what had been said before. Watch it right here.

First Series 9 Trailer....

At the SDCC Panel, we saw the first trailer. Before I talk a little about it, check it out.

It's a really great trailer, that has to be said. However it makes me a little sad (in a strange way). It shows that Doctor Who is becoming a big, big thing. Lets be honest, this trailer could easily be for a blockbuster movie. It has that kind of editing that begs the the words "This year..." to come over the top and inform us of a film that is sure to be a "smash hit". Doctor Who isn't some nerdy sci-fi show any more, and I hope that doesn't reflect in this series.

But, back to it being cool. We got a good look at some new enemies for the Doctor and Clara to come up against. We saw conformation of Missy coming back and Maisie Williams' character, who - if I had to guess - is some relation to the Doctor. I would guess possibly his Granddaughter, simply due to how often she (the Doctor's Granddaughter) was mentioned at Comic Con, which isn't really an indicator. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

....And Air Date Announced

At the end of the trailer, it was revealed the series 9 will première on BBC One on the 19th September! I can't wait!

Doctor Who In Lego Dimensions

I put this last as it may not interest the average Doctor Who fan, but to link this all to video games a little, we have the tie-in to Lego Dimensions. For the uninitiated, Lego Dimensions allows special Lego Minifigures to be bought by would-be players and then those characters can be played in the game. They are - for want of a better word - "teleported" in there from a portal made from Lego blocks. It looks very cool, and will feature all 12 Doctors; although only the 12th will be voiced.

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