What I Want From Season 9 Of Doctor Who

Whenever Doctor Who returns to TV, a strange mixture of thoughts and feeling drift through my mind. First and foremost, I'm excited by the prospect of travelling through the Universe in everyone's favourite blue-box again, but I'm also nervous. Nervous at the idea that maybe I won't like the episodes, the supporting characters: maybe I won't like the Doctor.

I don't have those fears really for series 9. I'm confident that Peter Capaldi's Doctor will continue from strength to strength and progress down the path toward greatness; but I am worried about the story.

Steven Moffat (showrunner of Doctor Who) is known to be someone with a penchant for a complicated story: twists, turns, side-allies and a main route that leads to an ending that isn't the real one are all fairly common. But, at the moment, everything seems "good". There isn't really anything that we've been teased, but are yet to find out the rest about (at least IN the show; the exit of Clara is an obvious tease, but we haven't seen evidence of it yet).

This means that, in recent years, Doctor Who's story has been increasingly convoluted, with echoes from way-back-when coming to haunt us in the here and now. I for one, really hope that this stops. I don't like being kept in the dark about something for years, especially because it makes the reveal so anti-climactic.

The trend recently does seem to suggest that this is happening. Last series we were teased about Missy - within the season - then it was revealed she was The Master - in the season. Lets hope this continues, and plot points are kept within their allotted season, not criss-crossed over to the next one.

But, what else do I want? For one thing, I'd love for the Doctor to find Gallifrey. Its been nearly two years now since we were informed that is was still out there and that the Doctor is going to go and find it. Surely now that the Master's back it's time, right?

Lets hope so.

The only other thing I long for from series 9 is a fitting end for Clara. I know that she's been a somewhat controversial companion (with people seeming to be fairly divided as to whether or not they like here, and some changing that opinion every week) but I think she deserves a good ending.

Let me clarify what I mean by this. I certainly don't mean that I don't think she should die - I actually think that would be very interesting - I just don't want them to say goodbye with her deciding to just leave the TARDIS. From what's recently happened to her, and what I've read in small previews of the forthcoming series, she is still (understandably) having to deal with the death of Danny. What I'd love to see is her going a little bit crazy and trying to constantly be with the Doctor in order to forget her real life. This could (near the end) go so far as something big happening (she does something stupid and gets killed) or something smaller.

Something I've noticed from previews is that, in some shots, Clara dosn't look quite normal. As in, she looks "evil". Whether or not someone manipulates her (or a Zygon possesses her) into becoming evil, only time will tell.

Enjoy the episode tonight, and let me know what you want from series 9!


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