What I Want From The Walking Dead Season 3

The following article contains spoilers for the first two seasons of The Walking Dead: if you haven’t finished them, I urge you not to read this (and to play them both!). Please also note that this is purely speculative and is based only on information available to the public.

I loved The Walking Dead Season One. I also loved season two, although admittedly less so than its first outing. The fact a third season is on its way (albeit probably a while off) excites me, simply because I’m ready for a new foray into that world and to experience a new story, whoever is at the centre of it this time.

But – the big question – how should season three play out? As I see it there are three and a half (I’ll get to the half, don’t worry) options. Either simply carrying on from where we left off at the end of season two, a season without Clem (the half being a season without Clem until a certain point) or, slightly more radically, we go into the future to see how things pan out for Clem and whoever may be in the group at the time.

I’m going to go through each option, how I think it could work, and then move on to finer details and what I think needs changing on a non-story level.

Just Carry On

In my mind, this would be the hardest option from a development point of view. There were multiple different endings for season two: ending up with Jane and the family, ending up with Jane without the family, ending up alone (I know there are intricacies to each one, but I won’t get into them here). To continue on and have to make three different stories to season three (or at least the first episode) would be a challenge. I have no doubt that Telltale could do it, and I’m sure it would be great, but really, more than anything, I want something new.

New Characters, Places and Story

I think this is the riskiest option. Introducing new characters could be fun, and would certainly give the possibility for new stories to be told, but it would be easy to feel we were re-treading ground covered in the first two seasons.

Saying that, I do think it would be cool to hear a new story from the world of the Walking Dead: possibly one outside of America. I mean, surely whatever kicked this off has happened all over the world, to people in all different situations. I think it would be incredibly interesting to see what happened in a less stable country than America where a war was already going on or something along those lines was happening. I understand that this could – potentially – be very difficult to do but, that said, it would be incredible – especially to showcase some beautiful landscapes in a (hopefully) new engine from Telltale.

Imagine a Walking Dead where, instead of the walkers, or the people in the world, the main enemy for the main characters was the world in which they were living; making it a true survival game. Personally, I think that would be an awesome way to truly mix things up.

New Characters + Re-introduction Clem

This would almost certainly sacrifice my dream of a new setting, but it would still grant us the pleasure of seeing new characters, and some old familiar friends. How I see it, this option would involve us meeting the new characters at the very beginning of the game, playing as them, getting to know them and – hopefully – love them. Then, later on – maybe at the end of the fourth episode – they find Clem and whoever she ended up with at the end of the second season (depending on which ending you got). The tension created from the two groups merging could be very interesting; however this could result in a similar-feeling to the first two seasons, and that isn’t so good.

Into The Future

Imagine this. We’re eight, maybe ten years in the future. Clem is now an adult and in a completely new group. At the very beginning of the season, that whole group is killed and Clem is left alone. In drips and drabs, she forms a new one; a strong group, whose ultimate idea is to rid the world of walkers, one step at a time. Not only could we see her grapple with having to lead, and be in charge of a group of people on her own, but – and this would be incredibly radical – see her wonder whether she is becoming the bad guy.

Hear me out; I mentioned that this group would be “strong”. That could mean they don’t see any use for the old, or weak-spirited and they kill those people as a sacrifice to the cause, and to make the world stronger (Clem’s motivation for this could maybe be a love-interest who persuades her into doing these horrible things). In doing so, they become the “bad guys” and it’s not until late in the season that Clem realises this and tries to come up with a way to put a stop to it. But how would she do that? Who knows.

When I reviewed season two of The Walking Dead, I remember writing that season one pitted the characters against the walkers, season two against other humans: I think season three should have Clem come up against herself. Not only would this make for incredibly powerful storytelling (which has always been a focus of these games, and something I felt was slightly lacking in the most recent instalment) but it would also be so interesting to see a character have to come to terms that, in a world of evil, she is no better than the walkers: and, unlike them, she’s chosen to be that way.

Ultimately, all I want from season three is something new. Season two was almost more of the same from Telltale, who had a stellar first game in the series, and obviously wanted to capitalise off of the success: and I don’t blame them for that. Season three needs to be fresh, exciting and – above all – do what Tellatle do best: tell an incredible tale in video game form. 

Until the inevitable season three, we have the Michonne Mini-Series coming later this year. Check back here then for a full review. 


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