Announcing "PS Post": Something PlayStation From Gamotere, Once A Month

Since January I've been covering PlayStation. Whether it be the games, the industry that surrounds it or the people who make all of that happen, I've been writing about it here, and on other sites around the internet.

Before, this mainly happened once a week in Game Watch Weekly posts, where I made a run down of all the biggest news in PlayStation. When I left this site over the summer, that stopped. It ended: gone. And there was no industry coverage, apart from small mentions in feature posts.

This made me feel guilty. Game Watch posts, especially those covering E3, have been some of the most popular on the site and have helped to inform people about the biggest news in the PlayStation nation.

Gamotere has never been a news site, and that isn't about to change. Instead, I'll be taking the best parts of everything I've been writing about over the past year, and putting them together once a month.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce PS Post: Something PlayStation, Once A Month, From Gamotere.
So, how does it work?

Well - thanks for asking! On the second Weekend of every month I'll write about the biggest PlayStation story from the last 30 days. This might be a reaction to an article written by someone in the industry, or something that's happened within the PlayStation world.

The main reason for this is to mesh together feature articles and news posts. I'll run down the piece of news first, then get into an angle about it.

Obviously if something huge happens, I'll react to that in a more timely manner (Paris Games Week later this month for example) but for the smaller things, this will be a way to collect my thoughts about news in what I do best: feature articles.

So, when's the first one coming out? Next weekend; the second weekend of October. And guess what? Next weekend I'll have another PlayStation announcement.

Until then, happy gaming!


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