Doctor Who "Class" Spin-Off Reaction

This week, a "big announcement" was teased by the Doctor Who Twitter account. It took a long time, and (I'm sure) cost many people their evenings, yet - finally - the announcement came; and it came in the form of a new spin-off.

"Class" is an eight part series focusing on the Children of Coal Hill School. It's being written by Young Adult author Patrick Ness.
“No one has documented the dark and exhilarating world of the teenager like Patrick Ness, and now we're bringing his brilliant story-telling into Doctor Who. This is growing up in modern Britain - but with monsters!” - Steven Moffat
My immediate reaction to this was one of disappointment. From what little information had been revealed about the reveal, I expected something much bigger than this, and somethign relating directly to Doctor Who.

However, I think it does have a relation, and definitely a direct impact. Reading the blog post on the Doctor Who website yields the information that it will be filmed in early 2016. In other words, when Doctor Who would normally be filmed. This is a little sad. While I did love the "Specials" of 2009, I don't love the idea of not having a constant story over the next year, and nothing solid until 2017. Probably. Obviously this is completely speculatory, and I actually have no idea whether the two shows can co-exist or not. One can assume that they will largely share crew and other behind the scenes operations, but who knows really.

What really does excite me is the idea of having a Sarah Jane Adventures like show again for the younger fans of the main show. This is for two reasons.

This first is simply because I think it's cool for them to watch. I don't presume to know what people of that age want to watch, but if it was me, I think it would be very cool.

The second is because, simply by having a show for the younger watchers, means that - perhaps - main Doctor Who can become a little darker again. A big problem I've had with the show recently is its constant need to be fun all the time. I want something that is simply dark. Another "Waters Of Mars", another "Blink": something in that vein.

The closest thing to that in recent memory has been "Listen" last year, but it was still a way off for me. Lets hope that something properly dark can spawn in real Doctor Who because of this new show. And, lets hope it's good.

No pressure!


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