My 5 PlayStation Experience 2015 Predictions - PS Post

Next weekend, us PlayStation fans will be watching with bated breath as Sony - I'm sure - reveal some cool stuff. What that is remains to be seen, but - as is the nature of a fan of the video games industry - we can speculate. Here are five things that I think will be revealed at PSX 2015.

A Full Reveal Of The PS2 Emulator On PS4

Sony as all but admitted to the recent Star Wars games included in the Battlefront Bundle running on a PS2 emulator that's been built into the PS4. But - crucially - there has been no formal press release, or admittance from the company. I think this is one of the more obvious announcements for PSX: someone from PlayStation will (probably) come out, talk a little about how it works and then reveal a list of games that are coming through the service, through the PSN (more on that later). I doubt there will be many, but the idea of a stream of games from the most popular console of all time being available for the current-gen sounds awesome.

The Ability To Change Your PSN Name 

This is something that has been predicted for years and years; every E3 you hear whisperings about it, but - until now - nothing has ever happened. I firmly believe that this will be announced at PSX this year. Here's why.

On PS I Love You XOXO (Kinda Funny's PlayStation Podcast) Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty (hosts, and PS Veterans) have mentioned that they've been told from an insider that the name-change function is coming this year. This is the most concrete piece of evidence. However, add to the mix the invite-only-survey (source: VG24/7) that leaked Sony asking players which features they most wanted and the name change ability as one available to be selected and, as a certain Mr Holmes would say, the plot thickens!

I also think the fact that we've got a Wishlist function in the PS Store, avatars on PS4, and the PS2 emulation software shows that Sony have been digging around the PSN and cleaning it up a bit. This could spell some big changes coming soon, perhaps starting with this oft-requested feature.

A Heavy Focus On PlayStation VR

This one can be taken in a few ways. It could been seen as a given that we'll see the next instalment of PlayStation tech at PSX, or - alternatively - you could see it as something that should be left alone until some sort of launch event (which will presumably happen at some point next year).

I think the key thing about PSX is that it's a chance to speak to the hardest of the hardcore PlayStation fans, and - in addition to that - a chance to get them behind a particular product, game or other item in the PlayStation universe. I think it's important to get those people behind PS VR because - much like with the Vita - they will be the people that support it.

Release Dates For Vita Games

I think we'll see a few Vita games dated for release: possibly coming out on the day, if not the week following. Remember Mike Bithell's Volume? Axiom Verge? Those games, and, I'm sure, others that I've forgotten, were supposed to have Vita versions after launching: which we haven't heard about for a long time.

I don't think it's out of the question for these games to be released on the day, during the conference simply because we haven't heard about them for such a long time. We shall see.

There Won't Be Any New Games Revealed 

Simply put, I think - as I said before - PSX is for the hardcore PlayStation fans, and not so much for the mainstream. Because of this, I don't think it's the best time to reveal a new game. Also, the next year is fairly jam-packed in terms of PlayStation exclusives. With Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian all (presumably) coming out in 2016, do we need anything else? I don't think so and it's certainly too early to announce 2017 games.


This isn't it for PlayStation Experience coverage on Gamotere; after the conference I'll have a summary and reactions post detailing everything! Stay tuned!


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