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The conference began, as always, with a montage of everything PlayStation and showcased a little of what was to come later in the conference. After this, we saw an Uncharted 4 trailer that showed Sam seeing Nate for the first time in the game. However, what it really showed off were - new to Uncharted - dialogue options.

Shawn Layden then took to the stage, showcasing a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt that, as you can imagine, caused quite a stir. He revealed that PSX would have "the most PS VR content at any show to date" - which is interesting, and seems to indicate Sony's VR push: more on that later.

We then saw a stunning new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which showcased some gameplay that - crucially - isn't turn-based. It was also announced that the re-release that was, now infamously, teased this time last year would come out when the conference was over.

Then Sony managed to talk about Call Of Duty and Battlefront for about 15 minutes without actually announcing much at all. The first Black Ops III DLC will be available to PlayStation players 30-days before anywhere else, and Battle Of Jakku (for Battlefront) is playable at PSX. Randy Pitchford from Gearbox then came to show off Battleborn and its newly announced couch co-op. There will be first access for PS4 in early 2016.

After that, the full roster of characters was revealed for Street Fighter V and the characters who will be coming the year after launch were teased along with the season pass.

Gio Corsi took to the stage to announce a new game mode for Dead Star - which is exclusive to PS4 and PC. He then showed a trailer with six Adult Swim Games: Ray's The Dead, Death's Gambit, Duck Game, Rain World, Small Radios - Big Televisions and Head Lander: they'll all be coming in 2016.

We then saw a new Day Of The Tentacle Remastered trailer as Tim Schafer joined Corsi on stage. It'll be coming in 2016 to PS4 and PS Vita; as will Double Fine's remaster of Full Throttle. Also announced from Double Fine is a stand-alone Psyconaughts game for PS VR.

Zodiak: Orcanon Odyssey, Brawlhala and Don't Starve Together were then all teased before it was announced that Yakuza 5 would be (bizarrely) coming to PS3 on Tuesday. In addition to that, Yakuza 0 was announced.

Last Blade 2 and King Of Fighters 14 (which is console exclusive to PS4) were then shown off, before it was announced that Bastion would be coming to Vita at the end of the conference along with Nuclear Throne (which would also be coming to PS4). Nioh was then announced, along with a cool looking trailer.

Brutal was then announced for PS4, before MLB The Show was shown off (see what I did there?) and it was announced that Guns Up would be free on PS4 starting from the end of the conference. Fat Princess Adventures, which was announced this time last year, was also released.

The Ratchet & Clank game which is based on the movie which was based on the game got a new demo and will be coming on April 12th next year (the new movie is coming on April 28th).

We then saw a load of VR games including Rez Infinite, Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Job Simulator, Golem, 100 Ft. Robot Golf and Ace Combat 7. However, the most notable was probably Ubisoft's Eagle Flight - which really showed off the potential of VR (more on that later).

A pod-racing style expansion for Destiny was then shown of as well as HOB - which will be released in 2016. As we began to reach the end of the press conference, NiNoKuni II was announced, and looks stunning.

Finally, Paragon was revealed which is a MOBA coming to PS4. It too looks gorgeous.

The conference was then over - somewhat suddenly - as 2015 was wrapped up for PlayStation and the gates to PSX were well and truly open.


I was very disappointed by Sony's showing here. Not because there wasn't anything awesome - I think there certainly was - but due to the fact that everything was jumbled; we started on a high note: in a place where, really, it should have ended. The VR games were arranged bizarrely: some being shown in Gio Corsi's section, and some at the end.

In addition to that, as I mentioned briefly earlier, I think it all ended on a very strange note. The last game was a MOBA that, while looking beautiful and is something I definitely want to hear more about, isn't really a PlayStation thing.

Saying that, I was pleased by the Vita's prescence. Upwards of five games were announced for the handheld, even if we didn't hear anything about Volume or Axiom Verge.

However, it was two things that disappointed me above all else. The first being the lack of Shuhei on stage, simply because he's awesome and, secondly, the lack of a name-change announcement. I was expecting both of those things (the former more so than the latter) and was bitterly disappointed that neither came.

What I did take away was how hard Sony are pushing VR, and I wonder if this explains Shu's absence. Let me explain. In the past, Shu has always been the one talking about PS VR at the conferences: it's no secret that he's incredibly passionate about it, and truly believes in it as a part of the future of gaming. I wonder if Sony decided to shift that responsibility over to someone else this time, in order to show that it isn't just him that cares about it: that this is a more of a company-wide thing.

All in all, I don't think it was a great conference. The pacing was off, and - while games were announced as coming out on to the PSN ready for download when the conference was over - it still feels as though there isn't much happening for PlayStation in terms of games. This is, perhaps, due to the complete lack of anything new from Sony First Party (another explanation for Shu's absence). When wrapping up this same post for E3 I said that 2016 will be a huge year for PlayStation. I can see that this is true from the games coming out, but - in my heart - I no longer feel it.


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