Five PlayStation Games I Can't Wait For In 2016 - PS Post

In no particular order, these are the games of 2016 for me; the ones that - I hope - will make my year great for gaming, and that I'll be talking about at the start of 2017 when I announce my game of the year....although, that's a long time off - and a lot can happen in a year (see: Fallout 4!)

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Honestly, I can't remember a game I've been more excited for then Horizon. From the glimpses we've had (which, admittedly, aren't many) it seems to be some kind of fusion between The Elder Scrolls and Tomb Raider. As Aloy, you seem to be going around this open-world (that is confirmed) completing quests, killing these mech-dinosaur things and trying to find where the "old ones" went.

To me, all of that sounds fantastic and like something that will be a lot of fun. Pair it with the vast, gorgeous open world - that features a fantasy-style, but with remnants of the world we know and exist in today - and I think this could be one of the biggest games of the year.

However, I do think there is a strong chance that it'll be pushed into the early parts of 2017. Horizon looks so big, so beautiful and - hopefully - has such a vast amount of things to do in it - a la an Elder Scrolls game - that I can imagine it needing a few extra months to really refine and polish up.

On the other hand, we know that Guerilla have been working on the game since before Killzone Shadow Fall came out. That means Horizon has probably been in development for about five or six years, which is - hopefully - plenty of time, and enough that it will come out this year.

Saying that, the now infamous story with The Last Of Us was that before that small delay the game was OK. After, it was incredible. I hope the Devs take as long as they need.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Everybody that played Rise Of The Tomb Raider seems to have loved it. Sadly, that isn't nearly as many people as - I'm sure - Crystal Dynamics hoped.

Fast forward to Autumn 2016, when Rise Of The Tomb Raider is (supposedly) finally coming to the much-more-widely-owned PS4 (granted, it is coming to PC in the next few months) fingers crossed - even more people will get the chance to fall in love with it, myself included.

Tomb Raider's 2014 reboot is one of my favourite games to go back to. I originally played it on PC, before I switched to PS4 where I bought it again. Even now, and year-and-a-half after first buying it, I still dip back in and just play a short section, trying to get extra collectables or just having a blast with my bow-and-arrow.

Unlike most people, I loved almost everything about that game. While most found the story unforgettable, I really enjoyed it, and can still recite it to somebody now (surprisingly, the need for that "skill" has never come up). Where most found the characters who weren't Lara boring, I really enjoyed watching their story. But - what I think everybody loved was the world and the combat, both of which - I've heard - make a welcome return in this game, with a little extra added on to each for good measure.

I'm going to forget the exclusivity deal, in the hope it never happens again with Tomb Raider because, at the end of the day, I just really can't wait to play this new game, in a franchise that rarely disappoints.

Uncharted 4

I don't think this list would be complete without Uncharted 4. As Nathan Drake's last foray into gaming (probably) it should be something that will be explosive. For PlayStation fans, it is probably the biggest game this year.

While I am certainly looking forward to it, simply to see those characters back again, I do have some hang-ups. I didn't love Uncharted 3 as I did with number-two. You can read why fully here in my review, but it was mainly because of the puzzles and some other smaller issues. Due to this, I'm slightly wary of Uncharted 4.

My hope - and what I think will probably be the reality - is that Uncharted 4 will be more of two, and I imagine that Neil and Bruce will be aware of this expectation from many fans who feel the same way I do, and will try to bring the magical feeling from that game back to present day.

That fear aside, I can't wait to get back into that world, and play through another crazy story with some of my favourite characters in gaming.

The Last Guardian

The first draft of this section began with the line "We've heard so much about The Last Guardian". Then I realised that the statement is simply not true: we know barely anything about the game. We don't really know how the moment-to-moment gameplay works, what the story is, who the characters really are and even what the setting is.

With so little info, I imagine The Last Guardian becomes a focus at E3 along with Horizon, so Sony can let everyone else in on this secret.

While I am excited for the game, simply to see what it actually is, I'm also fairly apprehensive about it. Whatever it is, I highly doubt it's going to live up to expectations. Because news has been so scarce, people speculate, they form an idea in their own minds of what their ideal Last Guardian experience is, and it's highly unlikely that their thoughts will match up to Team Ico's reality.

Far Cry Primal

I loved Far Cry 4. The beautiful open world, interesting characters, and the adrenaline rush of liberating an outpost placed it up with the best games of 2014, winning my personal Game Of The Year award.

With that in mind, Far Cry Primal excites me no end. Not only will it be introducing a brand new setting (in the prehistoric times) but also, with that, a brand new set of rules, objectives, weapons and places to mess around in.

In addition to that, I want to see exactly what Ubisoft do to make it special, to set it apart from the other Far Cry games. Whatever that is, I'm sure it will be excellent and well thought out. February 23rd can't come quickly enough.


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