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As the conference kicked off, our hosts Greg Miller and Tim Gettys told us that there would be 14 "Uncoverings" over the course of the event - who knows why they couldn't conjure up another one to round out the 15 for Final Fantasy 15 (funnily enough - contrary to what Tim said during the event - there are 15 in the PS Blog Post). If you want to watch it for yourself, you can see the whole thing below (the real thing starts at around the one hour mark) or, alternatively, you can find my summary right here.

After we were introduced to the "Fathers of Final Fantasy", a brand new trailer for the game was shown, featuring an incredible cover of "Stand By Me" by Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine, which is the game's main theme.

Then, completely out of the blue, but still very cool, came the announcement of a five-part anime that will be released before the game comes out and tells the story of the four protagonists. Here's the trailer:

And here's episode one:

Then, a trailer for Kingsglave: Final Fantasy: a feature-length fully CG movie starring Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean, that will also d├ębut before the release of the game. It follows the story of what happens back at Noctis' home (he's the protagonist, and the guy with black hair in the Brotherhood thumbnail above) while he's on the road trip in the game.

A mobile game was then announced - called Justice Monsters Five - that serves as a mini-game within the main game as well as a standalone title on iOS, Android and Windows. It too will come out before the main game releases.

Then, we saw a trailer for the completely free Platinum Demo, which is available for download now on PS4 and Xbox One - I'll have a review of that up tomorrow. It showcases a glimpse at what the final game might have in store via the cute world of a young Noctis and his new companion Carbuncle.

The penultimate "uncovering" was of the two special editions of the game. You can see what they include in the images below.

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition
Finally, we were told the release date - although it had already been leaked by Gamespot - of September 30th 2016.


First off, I have to applaud Tim and Greg - if you don't know them, they're from Kinda Funny, which I'm a huge fan of. I think, regardless of the fact that I "know" them already, they did an amazing job of making the event fun, and lightly entertaining, as well as very informative. Tim's enthusiasm was incredibly infectious and, as I finished watching, I felt genuinely excited for a series that I've never cared about before.

Not only did I immediately go and download the Platinum Demo, but I'm also doing a little research about which Final Fantasy I should play from the roster already available.

As well as applauding the hosts, I think Square deserve a shout-out. Obviously they masterminded the whole thing, I think the sheer amount of money they must have had to invest thus far shows how much they care about the series, and how much they know the fans care too.

Overall, I think it was a really fun, and incredibly successful event that did - for me at least - what it was designed to do: it got me hyped for a game series I know nothing about, and a game I had - until this point - no intention of playing. For fans all across the World, that 10 year wait is nearly over, and it seems as though it's going to have been worth it. September awaits.


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