What I Want From E3 2016 - Game Watch

My predictions, hopes and dreams for E3 2016 (there'll be a PlayStation specific one up this weekend). Please note that this is all based on info available to the public, and purely speculation. 
A New Red Dead

Red Dead Redemption of 2010 came out before I was fully immersed in the gaming world, and isn't something I've ever gone back to - although, as a huge fan of Westerns, it is probably the single game I most want to get to, although the reality is I probably never will. So, instead, my hope is that Rockstar does, indeed, as has been long rumoured, announce a new Red Dead this year. The previous game in the series seems to be held in such high regard - and coming off the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto V - I have no doubt that the currently-hypothetical game will be incredible, and I really want to jump in. Having said that, Rockstar and Take Two don't have an avenue at E3 for Red Dead to be the main event: at any other conference it would overshadow everything else, which I imagine would be a turn-off for a reveal by PlayStation or Xbox, so perhaps an extra event down the line is more likely. Only time will tell.

More About Battlefield 1

After the trailer dropped last month, the internet exploded with love for the idea of a Battlefield in World War One, primarily due to the setting. People seem to have forgotten that we haven't actually seen any gameplay or heard anything about the real story. After all this is a Battlefield game, a series not known for its amazing stories - or at least I've never thought of it as having them. Hopefully they'll make the trench-warfare fun, with mustard gas, tanks rolling in for the first time and muskets galore but also the horror of life on the front line that barely moved.

I'm cautiously optimistic; if there can be a mixture of compelling story, awesome - and semi-realistic - gameplay and a cool cast of characters, I think Dice could be on to a real winner, and opportunity to really launch the franchise into a place with other really great shooters, otherwise I think this could be an example of an over-hyped game that doesn't turn out that well.

Lots Of Link

We already know that Nintendo is placing a huge focus on the upcoming Legend Of Zelda Wii U (and now NX) at E3 this year. In fact - until this week - it was Nintendo's only confirmed game for the show (this isn't true any more, with Pokemon Sun & Moon also having an outing). What's incredible about Zelda Wii U is that it was announced over three years ago, with a 2015 release date. Now coming out March next year and on a brand new console, after Nintendo has severely declined in terms of how people see them: a lot has changed. And we still don't know much about it at all, beyond the fact it's supposedly open-world. I can't wait to properly see the game, what it looks like, how it plays and how much they're mixing it up, because this might be what Nintendo needs to begin its climb back to the top.

Watch Dogs 2 Announcement

I actually wrote most of this article a while ago, and this part long before Ubisoft announced this week that they would be announcing the game at E3 this year, but I think the point still stands - here's why it's the right time to bring Watch Dogs 2 out.

With no Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft this year (they announced a "year off" a few months ago), I think 2016 is the perfect time for the sequel to come out - and I imagine is the philosophy behind no AC for this year. The original Watch Dogs came out in May 2014, to a mixed response, with most people coming to the consensus that the game wasn't that great, but had a lot of potential, much like the original Assassin's Creed game.  I should think it'll be coming out this year, in the usual AC-October slot, or early 2017 at the very latest.

Why Bethesda's Back: Another Elder Scrolls?

Last year, Bethesda's clear purpose for E3 was to announce Fallout 4. Shockingly, earlier this year they let us into the secret that now, in 2016, they'll be back, and as yet we don't know why. Earlier this year I wrote about why I think there could be a non-sequential Elder Scrolls announced this year, in the same vein as Fallout New Vegas, and as a stop-gap between Fallout last year, and whenever the next Elder Scrolls-proper comes out - which, presumably, won't be until 2019 at the earliest.

I think it's safe to assume it won't just be more Dishonored 2, a possible Evil Within 2 announcement and other bits and bobs - there needs to be something big to warrant the expense of an E3 Conference. I do think there is the possibility that Elder Scrolls VI is announced, but it's a slim one. We don't know a whole lot about Bethesda Games Studio's structure, but we do know they've been growing, so the idea that there could be two teams - and thus the non-Fallout 4 team working on Elder Scrolls - isn't out of the question.

That said, it could just be something brand new and, quite frankly, I think that would be awesome. Something I haven't talked about much is how disappointed I was by Fallout 4 - it just wasn't the "Skyrim with guns" I'd been expecting and, because of that, I left after about 10 hours feeling a little short-changed. Something new, in a new direction with a new engine would be incredible. Bethesda are an exceptional studio, and I'm sure whatever it is will be brilliant.


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