My Most Anticipated Games Of 2017

My annual post to wallow in the hype of the biggest video games to come out in the year to come.

2016 is - thankfully - now over. That means we can sit back, relax and think about all the brilliant games we'll be playing over the next 365 days. Here are some of the ones I really can't wait for. 
Release date: 24th January 2017

From what we've seen so far - the demos, trailers and artwork - Resi 7 looks like a powerhouse of a game. Featuring a more PT vibe than previous Resident Evil installments, it looks to be horror at its very maximum, and I really can't wait for that. I can't wait to find out more about this mysterious family, and what exactly's going on in relation to them; but most of all I just can't wait to be seriously creeped out. 

I think horror games bring something very different to the table: because of the investment one has - by definition - in a video game, the jump scares are scarier, and every single noise, creak, scream and groan has a greater impact. I think it makes for a really interesting study in how games can affect us, in a different way to perhaps the "traditional" emotions. Horror games don't make us sad, happy or angry, they simply terrify us. Perhaps the most basic of human emotions, something we've felt since the first of our kind walked the Earth is preyed upon, and often with great effect. Let's hope Biohazard can catapult the series back to its former glory. 
Release date: 8th February 2017

Nioh is a Dark Souls inspired game set in Japan. Complete with Samurai, and Yokai it sounds like an incredible fusion of the Souls-like combat with the magic and mythos of Ancient Japan. Dark Souls is a series that has only recently clicked with me - more on that later in the year - and I think that paired with a completely different setting and cast of characters could make an incredible game. 

My only slight worry is that people will go in expecting Dark Souls like lore as well as combat. The true magic of the Souls series lies not in its gameplay, but rather in the incredible story you can find, if only you have the patience to look for it. While I'm sure Nioh will have a story, few games do what Dark Souls does, and manage to execute it with such perfection.
Release date: 1st March 2017 (earlier than expected)

I've had a rocky relationship with Horizon thus far. I've gone from looking forward to it more than anything, to being incredibly apprehensive after seeing seemingly similar things again and again, to being really excited about it once more. 

That's where I lie at the moment. Despite the fact I'm still worried that the game's going to get repetitive and boring after just a few hours, I still think it should be a really beautiful, expansive World to play around in. Since the announcement at E3 a year and a half ago, I've been intrigued just by the premise: what happened to the "old ones", where these tribes came from, who built the robots, and how they and the humans co-exist. I think my questions and intrigue outweigh my worries, but they don't obliterate them, and I can't ignore. I look forward to Horizon coming out, and I really hope the extra time's been worth it. 
Release date: 2017

Nathan Drake's adventure is over - although I suspect he may pop up in The Lost Legacy - I have to keep in mind that Uncharted, as a franchise, seems very far from being done. Without spoiling it, I think the end of Uncharted 4 signifies that Naughty Dog and Sony are future-proofing for a Nathan Drake-less Uncharted, and this stand-alone DLC almost feels like them testing the water to see how an adventure without him can work.

Ignoring that, I just loved Uncharted 4 and I can't wait to see more of the franchise, even in a more bite size format of The Lost Legacy DLC. An added bonus is Chloe - a character I think was sorely missed from A Thief's End, and actually one of my favourites and, I think, the most interesting from the entire series. I can't wait to see the, undoubtedly, fantastic story Naughty Dog are going to tell and just get back to that world and those characters. I think April/May is a fairly safe bet for this one to come out - that'd be around a year after the base game came out, and would tally with the release schedule for The Last Of Us and Left Behind DLC.


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