Gamotere is a place for me and my creative ideas. Along the road it's had some success - namely the over 8500 views we boast, and 180+ posts since July 2014 - but the objective has always remained the same: a creative outlet where I can talk about my passions freely, openly and without restraint.

Every week I try to write a post about something - be it video games, movies, TV, comics, an interview, review, opinion or speculation about the next Elder Scrolls game, it'll be up every Sunday. Usually. Occasionally the "real" World catches up, and I'm forced away from this safe haven for a little longer than I'd like, but every time I crawl back into bed with Gamotere for a little bit of writing about what I love.

So, what's the ultimate goal? In the Summer of 2015 I managed to land a gig at psgamer.co.uk (check them out, they do great stuff). Unfortunately I had to stop due to the aforementioned real World, but that was - in essence - what I want to do, and why I do this. I want to write about entertainment on the internet. That is the goal. I've begun to do that elsewhere again in 2016, this time over at thevitalounge.net as a Guest Reviewer. Hopefully writing here, and there, will help me along the way, and - as a byproduct - you'll enjoy a few of my thoughts when I do manage to put pen to paper.

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